Freshly Squeezed Data

What Do We Do?

Parcel Juice is a software provider to the transport, logistics, freight and customs brokerage industry.
We can offer small scale to enterprise software, so whatever your needs we can find a solution. Together our developers have more than 10 years of experience
working in various positions within the industry so we talk your langauge.


Bespoke Solutions
Bespoke Solutions

As we only provide a service to our specialised sector we fully understand you. We work closely with all our clients so we know your requirements and can tailor a solution to fit your needs.

Data Reporting
Data Reporting

Are you operating efficiently? We can analyse your current data and provide you detailed analysis to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Mobile Solutions
Mobile Solutions

Your service is not just based in the office, so why should your software be? We can develop your software to be used on the road where your business is.

Problem Solving
Problem Solving

There will always be a problem that needs a solution. From the mundane to a global issue, we can engineer a software solution to fit.

Something Missing?

Connect With Your Current Software

We know that some 'off the shelf' solutions might leave you wanting more.
Why not let us see if any of our products can integrate with your current solution and, without causing interuption to your normal service, bring the enhancements you require. Just drop us a line, our full contact details can be found here.

Your data is important

Firewall Firewalled

To protect all data, we deploy Cisco based IP firewalls and use strict rules, to ensure only permitted traffic gain access to our dedicated servers. This ensures that any data we hold and process is protected to the highest level.

Firewall Regular Backups

All data is backed up daily and depending on the level of software provided we can take hourly snapshots. Along with automatic mirroring of all data across all our servers we have made every effort to prevent data loss.

Credit Card Security

Depending on the service provided, we can use high level encryption techniques that are in line with online banking practices that will prevent any data transmitted to our servers from being compromised.


Juice Lab

We like to think we're forward thinkers, so are always mixing different coloured liquids in our lab to create 'off the shelf' solutions to common problems for everyone to enjoy.
We do need your help and want you to be involved in our development stages. To be part of our Juice Lab, get in contact and let us know what your expertise is. Make sure you don't miss out and drop us a line, even if it's to say hello and find out whats bubbling away in our lab.


Juice Cloud

The Juice Cloud is coming. We have always operated and maintained our own dedicated servers, so we don't share with anyone or compromise on resources. Our lab has started the research and development into our own private cloud. This will bring even more improved reliability to all our customers and enable us to dedicate more power to our software as and when it's needed.